Friday, February 12, 2010

the day has come

I've tried to avoid it.

I really have.

I had great hopes in the open forum. Where people could comment on my blog without having to be a member, for example.

But the spam started rolling in. It's usually Asian spam, for some reason. I suspect my Korean and Chinese classmates (just kidding). I have made it almost 3 years without too much of a problem, but as Jason pointed out, I'm starting to get more and more.

So the day has come.

I now have word verification on my comments. Hopefully that will weed out some of the spam.

Please don't let this disrupt you from commenting. I love comments. Especially when they aren't spam.

Other than the spam issue, life is going well.

Oh yeah! I suppose I should tell you all.

I am having a baby!

(That, my friends, is burying the lead.)