Monday, December 5, 2011

Something new.........

Amongst the exams (I passed!), the teaching (wraps up this week!), Thanksgiving, playing with Luke, and other fun, Hal and I have been cautiously expecting good news.

On Friday, we found out that Luke will have a little brother in April! Nathan will be here sometime around April 20th. His ultrasound looked great, although we have to get some pictures of his heart at our next appointment since he was being stubborn for that particular portion of the scan. We were relieved and so excited about having a household full of two little boys under two! What blessings!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!


From our puppy to yours!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


My PhD comprehensive exams start Wednesday with a lovely little 4-hour torture on theory. I AM SO TIRED OF READING! I can't wait for this to be over. I hope I have studied enough -- because God help me if I fail and have to take these things over again. OMG, I can't even think about it.

So I have Wednesday (theory), Friday (stigma) and the follow Wednesday (law) with an over-the-weekend take home on Methods. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Then, the verdict will come in November, when I meet with my committee to orally defend my answers. After the defense, they kick me out into the hall and decide if I passed or failed. In the meantime, I'll be puking in the hall! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Study recruiting!

I am recruiting facebook users to participate in a 10-minute survey about facebook use after a friend or loved one has died. If you are over 18 years old and interested in participating, please visit: Please repost!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Months Old!

(One day, I am going to actually do his month post on time. And then he'll be a year old and I won't be doing them anymore, lol!)


Luke turned 10 months on the 12th.

At 10 months, Luke:
~Waves! (Sometimes I think it's the milk sign. He makes the milk sign/waves a lot while nursing.)
~Responds to "How big is Luke?"
~Got antibiotic-worthy sick for the first time (ear infection in both ears and a viral throat infection)
~Weighed 23 lbs., 9.5 oz. at his 10 month sick appointment
~Still only has his two bottom teeth, but seems to be working on others
~Likes to climb on Layla. We have worked to really restrict this.
~Enjoys Elmo's World on Sesame Street
~Loves my dad!
~Loves books.
~Eyes are STILL blue with brown streaks in the middle. I would love it to stay that way.


(Yes, he's holding onto a cable box. He loves electronics.)


(He was attacking me in this picture -- that's why he was so happy!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

9 Months Old!

Luke was nine months old on the 12th!


At nine months, Luke:
~Weighs 22 lbs., 10 oz., and is 29 inches long
~Has blue eyes with brown spikes in the middle
~Tries to get to the dog's water bowl approximately 10,000 times a day
~Eats a TON throughout the day
~Loves playing in water
~Jabbers a lot
~Has two teeth, the bottom two
~Likes playing with my cell phone and the remote, and he'll bang on my laptop
~Laughs a lot
~Will stand up in his crib



Thursday, April 21, 2011

8 Months Old!


8 Months on the 12th! (and from his photo shoot -- he even flies now!)

At 8 months (to about 8 months, and 1 week), Luke:
~Gives open mouthed kisses
~Has 1 tooth
~Claps (although I am not sure he knows what he's doing yet)
~Likes Elmo's World on Sesame Street and the song at the playground on Sid the Science Kid.
~Feels the fuzzy animals in his books.
~Plays with Layla and laughs at her
~Likes to get into EVERYTHING he isn't supposed to -- like the dog's water bowl
~Is suspicious of grass
~Likes the ABC song the best, but also likes other songs and fun things
~Eats about 6 times a day (and usually once or twice at night)
~Has solids twice a day and usually tastes of whatever we are eating (we're currently curbing that b/c he has a cold and the more solid foods irritate his throat)
~Wants to MOVE all the time
~Is ticklish on his sides
~Laughs at stinky feet games
~His eyes are still blue (of varying darknesses depending on the light) and have brown streaks in them sometimes -- So I guess they are hazel?

We had an unseasonably warm day and took Luke on his first picnic! He got to dip his toes into Lake Monroe and he liked it a lot.

From Today -- ready for the bunny!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost DONE

I have a committee for my exams!

At the end of our coursework, we take our qualifying exams. If we pass our exams, we are considered "doctoral candidates" and allowed to do our dissertation. We have four exams -- one in theory, one in methods, and one in each of our concentration areas (for me this is health and media law). We also have an oral defense of our answers. I have had to find four professors to administer these exams, three from the journalism school and one from outside the journalism school. I had my last professor confirm this weekend, so I am ready to go this fall.

This fall.

Because I am DONE with classes in May!!!!!!! I may have said that on this blog before, I don't remember. This semester will one day come to an end and barring some sort of grade disaster, I will be finished.

All that is standing in my way of the end of course work is three classes with a full study each. I have been working on one tonight. I am hoping to get one done by April 1 for the AEJMC (conference) deadline. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

6 Months!


I suppose I should post this BEFORE he turns 7 Months!

Luke turned 6 months on the 12th. (Yeah, way behind.)

At 6 Months, Luke:
~ Started to CRAWL!!!! On his 6th month birthday, Luke started army crawling (he hasn't stopped since).
~ Was 20 lbs., 12 oz. at his 6th month appointment, and 27 inches long
~ Loves books
~ Likes being bounced and thrown in the air
~ Likes the ABC song
~ Is ticklish on his thighs and also laughs when you tickle his sides/armpits
~ Sits up very well on his own.
~ Likes to take our glasses off our faces.
~ Eats usually about 6 times a day.
~ I would report his sleep schedule, but it's all over the place!
~ Still has blue eyes, but are they turning? Hazel or Brown?


The tickle monster attacks!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photo Dump

Lots of cute from the past week or two.


Silliness with Daddy. You can see that his face is scratched. Layla got excited the other day and ran into the living room. She jumped over him, but, well, she missed and stepped on his face. Ugh.



Kiddo loves cups.

Blue eyes STILL!!!!

Loves his exersaucer.




Layla has watched a lot of America's Next Top Model and she is trying to smize.

How many creatures can take up mommy's lap?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Again with the police and EMTs!

Last night I went downtown to pick up some thai food Hal and I ordered for dinner. I picked it up and went to my car. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a man lying on the ground. I figured that he probably just slipped on some ice and fell, and kept inching out of the parking lot.

I don't know why I stopped, but I decided to back up and check on him. I turned around and opened my window.

"Are you okay, sir?" I asked.

He looked up.

His face was COVERED in blood. I was like, holy crap.

He said, "Well, no."

I said, "Can I call the hospital for you."

He said, "Oh no, don't do that. I just need some help to the shelter over there." (We were very close to the homeless shelter, where this man lives. He was also a little disoriented, probably both from being drunk (he was) and from hitting his head so hard.

I told him I was going to call the police and I did. While I did that, a couple of others came up to see if we needed any help. A guy got him standing (although that was probably not the best idea. He was very unsteady on his feet and he was losing a lot of blood). The dispatcher said she'd be sending police shortly. She asked if he had been assaulted and if I could ask him what happened. It was around this time that I realized he was probably drunk, too, and I told her that he was pretty disoriented.

Luckily, a young woman who had medical training happened on the scene. Someone had paper towels in their car. I happened to have gloves in my car from my Robinson Scholar CPR kit! (Interestingly enough, the first aid kit I had in my car did not have gloves. Stupid first aid kit! And now I have to buy a new first aid kit because I put it on the top of my car during this and drove off. It flew off into the street. Sad.) She took my gloves and was applying direct pressure to his face. She made him sit on the bumper of a van that was next to him. She said he needed at least 6 stitches in his nose and he had lost at least a liter of blood. (This was kind of an ordeal -- he didn't want to sit and he wasn't steady on his feet.)

I flagged the police down when they arrived. They gave the guy two options -- he could either go to the hospital or jail (I'm assuming because of public intoxication). Wisely, the man chose the hospital. They were very nice to him, actually. They asked his name and determined from him that he hadn't been assaulted but just fell down. They said they hadn't dealt with him before.

One of the officers said, "And you're drunk. Did you know that when you drink, your blood thins and so you bleed easier?" The guy nodded. They asked him how much he had to drink that day. They said, "Now, we don't care, but we need to figure out how much you've had to drink so the doctors can help you." He (his name is John) said, "A couple." The police officer said, "Now don't lie to us, how much have you had to drink." John said, "A whole lot." They said ok.

The ambulance was on its way when the police thanked us and told us we could leave if we wanted (although the girl with the gloves stayed to help until the ambulance got there).

What a night. Seriously. Between this guy and the girl who locked the kid in the car in July -- I've been in a police/EMT situation twice in the last 6 months. Come on, Bloomington, shape up! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

5 months!

I am way behind, but Luke turned 5 months on the 12th!



At 5 Months, Luke:
~ Still has dark blue gray eyes.
~ Rolls all over the room
~ Sometimes sleeps on his tummy (and sometimes he wakes us up because he wakes up on his tummy and is mad about it)
~ Makes all sorts of noises
~ Does raspberries
~ Chuckles when he sees us
~ Had some waking issues for a little while, but is now back to getting up between 6:30 and 8 (and then eating and sleeping for a little while longer).
~ Is enjoying oatmeal. Had had bananas, an avocado, and sweet potatoes. He usually gets some "real food" at about 9 and we start the bedtime routine at 10.
~ Loves cups
~ Will kick his legs up and down in the crib when we go to get him up
~ Loves "Baby Faces" the book (he will smile at all the babies) -- he also likes to be read to.
~ Likes "The Kitty Cat Dance" on YouTube
~ May be sprouting a tooth (he seems to have some rough spots in his mouth)