Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So arty.

So, not finished yet, but.....


What I had to go to Hobby Lobby for today! I have this canvas and two smaller ones (those have an elephant and an alligator on them, respectively). All the animals are copied from the bedding we have for Luke, and this will be hung above his crib. It's not perfect, but it's been fun to work on. At least the animals seem recognizable. Tomorrow, I get to go back over the background and do some touchups. Then, hopefully, they will be done.


I went to Hobby Lobby today. I pulled next to a car where a woman was standing outside after she had unloaded her stuff and put her super cute baby in her car -- I smiled at the baby and went into the store.

I was in the store for a couple of minutes (I had to pick up a tube of paint). While in there, I thought to myself, "Did that lady lock her kid in the car?"

I checked out and sure enough, the woman had locked the kid in her car on accident -- she had put her keys on the seat and when she closed the door, the doors locked.. She was starting to panic. She wasn't the baby's mother, but his babysitter. She was on the phone, and I approached her and asked if she had locked the doors. She said she had and she had called 911 and AAA and was freaking out that they weren't there yet. The baby had been in there for less than 10 minutes and he was already bright red, sweating, and starting to cry.

We decided we were going to try to break the window, and I went to my car to figure out if I had anything to help us do that. I opened my trunk and got out a pack n play I had in there. We took some of the metal poles from the pack n play and started hitting the front passenger window. She was able to bust it open -- glass went everywhere.

I told her to take the little guy into the store to cool him down and I would wait for the police. The officer rolled up pretty soon after she went into the store, and he and I went into the store together. She was trying to wipe the 8-month-old down with cool paper towels. She was having a hard time because she cute her arm when she was breaking the window and she was bleeding everywhere. I took over for the baby so she could tend to her arm. I took his clothes off down to his diaper (I asked her first if that was ok) and was wiping him down. I also checked him to make sure he didn't have any glass in him, which he didn't. Of course, I didn't know really what I was doing, so that really makes me want to take the baby first aid class.

The officer called the paramedics (apparently the 911 dispatcher called the wrong fire department?) to have them come take a look at the baby and at her arm.

When the paramedics got there, the baby was not nearly as flushed and he was calm and seemed happy, even. They took him into the ambulance and he seemed to have a normal temperature (although they couldn't check it rectally) and he seemed to be doing ok. They called his mom and explained what happened. While they were doing that, I went to her car and made sure there wasn't any glass in his car seat (there wasn't) and tried to get the glass out of her seat -- which was hard. I checked in with her one more time. She was getting ready to write a report with the paramedics and officer, so I took off.

It was SO SCARY. it was a lot scarier when I got in my car to leave and was like, oh my goodness, that just happened. i must have been overtaken by adrenaline. I was so glad the little guy was ok.