Saturday, June 9, 2012

6 Weeks!

We have survived the six week black hole of doom and Nathan has rewarded us by smiling! Obviously he is no worse for wear from his hospital/cold ordeal and he is just growing like a weed.



And I love this picture because he has so much personality and because our family often says, "ACT SURPRISED!" and we make crazy faces like this:


Friday, June 1, 2012

The ER!

So it turns out that hospitals take slight fevers in infants VERY seriously.

Nathan woke up on Wednesday pretty snarfy, but was in good spirits. Wednesday night he went to bed and just wasn't sleeping well. When he got up at 2:45, I took his temperature. Only 100.8, but the doc told us to call if it was above 100.4. So we called.

Head to the ER they said.

So Nathan and I spent about 13 hours at the hospital yesterday. He had two breathing treatments, blood work, chest x-ray, an antibiotic shot, tylenol, Flonase, a urine catch (using a catheter), eye ointment, a nose swab test, an eye goop test, a failed IV (and then we didn't need an IV), and numerous temperature/heart rate/respiratory rate/oxygen rate checks.

I am exhausted.

Nathan has .... a cold.

Well, they are waiting for his cultures to come back. He was negative for RSV, which is what the respiratory therapist said he SOUNDED like he had from listening to him. The pediatrician thinks he just has a viral infection, but she wanted to give him the antibiotic just in case.

The eye ointment is the EXACT SAME THING that my dog got for after her surgery, lol.

I seriously thought that I would head in there and they would monitor him for a bit and give him some Tylenol. When I first got there, they were talking about spinal taps. It was scary. All that for .4 degrees!

They thankfully sent us home and we followed up in the office today for another antibiotic shot. Tomorrow I will call to get the results of his cultures.