Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Almost er

We thought he had bitten through his lip. By the time we got to the er parking lot, he was giving us this face. So we turned around and went home. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Almost done

Almost done with the semester and looking forward to a summer of dissertating and hanging out with these guys.

Monday, April 28, 2014


 photo Nathan2.jpg
 My little buddy turned 2 years old yesterday! We celebrated by having lasagna dinner for around 22 (my mom's side of the family, Hal's parents, and Luke's godfather's family). He got lots of presents (including a sandbox) and really enjoyed his cake, which he has been asking for for days.

Nathan is so sweet. He's talking more and more and he loves to run, climb, and jump. He and his big brother have such fun together (most of the time). Nathan is a finicky eater -- we never know if he's going to eat everything or nothing on his plate. He especially likes anything sweet, bread, hot dogs, cheese, raisins, and pizza (what terrible nutrition). We work on veggies and fruits, but he has always been very stubborn about food. If he doesn't want it, he's not going to eat it (and the reverse is true -- there is no quicker way to get a crying/tantrum than to take away something he wants to eat).

He loves lions and making animal noises. He enjoys Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine, and he gets excited when he sees airplanes. He gives hugs and kisses a lot and really enjoys seeing Gammy (my mom) and "The Pa" (my dad). He likes his book Moon Mater the best, but he loves to read and sing, especially before bed. He enjoys the bathtub and loves to say "potty," particularly when his big brother leaves a table at a restaurant to go to the potty. He likes to draw and dance and is just a joy.

 photo Nathan2a.jpg

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My body rebels against the 5K

So I announced right around Christmas that my goal in the new year was to run a 5K.

And my body immediately went ballistic.

Since the new year, I have had: 1. a fall on the ice that cause bruised ribs. 2. a hernia (in my stomach, doesn't hurt, so just something to keep an eye on) 3. the flu 4. pleurisy (by far the worst thing on this list) 5. sinus infection.

Added to my normal hurting knees and heals and tight sides of calves, I am a MESS.

Do I abandon the 5k? Do I just walk a 5k? My body was furious that I even came up with the idea.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The wedding

We are pleased to announce that Eff married Clarabell in a lavish yet spur of the moment ceremony. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Puerto Rico!

We went to Puerto Rico from Dec 19-23 to take part in my brother's wedding. We were so pleased to be able to go (and I was asked to do a reading -- in English, thank goodness, as I have no Spanish). In a complete surprise, my mom's entire family was able to come (there are about 23 of us), and we also had family friends, an aunt and uncle from my dad's side of the family, and several of my brother's friends make the trip.

As you can imagine, we took some pictures. :)

 photo 1490924_10151912594813515_1938474095_o.jpg

This was the boys' first flight. They were actually wonderful on the flight. Nathan had a hard time before takeoff on the flight from Atlanta to PR, but once he fell asleep and had about an hour-long nap, he did great. Otherwise, we had them watch movies the whole time. Thank goodness for technology. Luke also got to sit in the cockpit! I'll have to find that picture -- Hal took it on his phone.

 photo 1492386_10151912595753515_1201414503_o.jpg

The first night in PR, we surprised Sylvia with an impromptu shower. This is a picture of Sylvia (in the middle, between my sister and I), and all the girl cousins except for Laura, who was randomly missing at this moment. (She did this so much that it became a running joke to yell "Where's Laura?!" randomly and she got a shirt on Christmas that said "Where's Laura?")

 photo 1490699_10151912596108515_406300369_o.jpg

Nathan's first time on the beach! He loved it!!! :) Luke also had a great time. The waves were ROUGH so we didn't do too much oceaning, but we did get to do a bit.

Sylvia's church is beautiful! photo 1415546_10151912596263515_862691305_o.jpg

Sylvia's beautiful church during the rehearsal!

A Rupp Arena cake at the rehearsal! photo 1512061_10151912597143515_226650013_o.jpg

In Puerto Rico, it is customary to do a rehearsal, but not a rehearsal dinner. My parents threw a big dinner anyway, and worked with a friend of Sylvia's to make a custom Rupp Arena cake! We also had a flash mob for Sylvia at the rehearsal -- she had posted something on Facebook a couple of months ago about a flashmob and said something about people being welcome to do something like that at the wedding. So my mom wrote a song to the tune of "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" called "We wish you a happy wedding." And my aunts, cousins, and I all got different verses. (Hal and I sang "Your family and friends came from near and from far/to see you get married and drink at the bar" -- and all the guys chimed in to yell "DRINK AT THE BAR!" with us.) It was a hoot. Also, Donnie wore his dress blues to the rehearsal, which was really special.

 photo 1496228_10151912597223515_1259285589_o.jpg

At the rehearsal dinner on the balcony looking over the ocean!

 photo 1534990_10151912597463515_1652829392_o.jpg

Me and my buddy at the rehearsal dinner.

 photo 1501202_10151912623518515_1043854975_o.jpg

Luke was all about talking to uncle Donnie before we got in the bus to go to the wedding.

 photo 1529791_10151912624048515_742968226_o.jpg

We cleaned up!

 photo 1540450_10151912597858515_1826423295_o.jpg

Post wedding happy couple!

 photo 1502236_10151912597918515_333067690_o.jpg

My parents with Nathan post wedding. The priest gave Nathan and Luke big blow pop suckers before church. Which Nathan LOVED. And drooled all over.

 photo 1096966_10151912598203515_972820126_o.jpg

My mom (called Gammy by the boys) and Nathan dancing in the bus before going to the reception.

 photo 1492198_10151912598473515_326433871_o.jpg

Bus Selfie!

 photo 1396946_10151912623893515_1756536389_o.jpg

Nathan and Hal bonded a lot the last two weeks.

 photo 1496211_10151912612273515_1717177756_o.jpg

Luke and his new aunt!

Luke was, without exaggeration, a MANIAC on the floor. photo 1497990_10151912610363515_876087658_o.jpg

He was a MANIAC dancing. A maniac. He even tried to go get the microphone to sing at one point. He was breakdancing and everything. Out. of. control.

 photo 1537411_10151912610053515_592778731_o.jpg

Sylvia and my cousin Kaysie. Notice anything different? This is Sylvia's SECOND WEDDING DRESS!

 photo 1498879_10151912612493515_355543053_o.jpg


 photo 1492723_10151912612588515_582241717_o.jpg

My cousin Kayla brought Santa hats.

 photo 1493598_10151912611603515_1421018189_o.jpg

Me and Donnie.

 photo 1523279_10151912612918515_621598674_o.jpg


 photo 1496389_10151912609623515_1367946514_o.jpg

 The venue/Sylvia brought out funny hats and maracas! Because a band with dancers and this thing came in to party with us the last hour.

The next day, we went to Old San Juan (Luke though we were going to Old Sand Lot and wanted to know where the new sandlot was) and explored the town and the fort. Puerto Rico is gorgeous.

 photo 1537883_10151912621533515_1408832163_o.jpg

 photo 1537964_10151912622163515_772434683_o.jpg

 photo 1532050_10151912622668515_1448068102_o.jpg

 photo 1501447_10151912623133515_1150811458_o.jpg

Climbing on cannonballs.

 photo 885340_10151912622418515_365323393_o.jpg

 photo 10a6dddc-9bbe-4d3d-9093-c3dfdd92cb83.jpg

New Year's Day.

Me and this guy went to church on New Year's Day morning (for us it's a holy day of obligation). After, we met Hal and Nathan for breakfast. 

That night, we had my parents, sister and her fiancĂ©, and my grandparents over for an excellent dinner that Hal had worked very hard on. 

Happy new year to all!