Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Last day

Tomorrow, assuming I make it to class, will be the first semester I have achieved perfect attendance! I am very excited about this, probably unduly so. Hopefully, I'm not jumping the gun and jinxing myself by writing this.

As you can probably guess, tomorrow is finally the last day of classes for the semester. I am all but done, having turned in 2 out of my 3 big research projects. I handed back 160 research papers today (dear sunrise_sets, if only you had written all 160 of them). I have to revise my J500 (research methods) project and turn it in on Monday. Tonight, we received our theory exam, which should amount to 10+ pages of pure comfort a joy, just to mark the season.

So now, with these two huge projects ahead of me, today is probably not the time to reflect upon the semester. I will subject you to that soon, I'm sure.

But hear this -- I have never been so wildly interested in everything that I've learned. My grad school experiences to this point -- law school and a stint at Xavier for a teaching class -- were not very good ones. (Of course, law school brought me Maria, Bryan, and Carrie -- and that was the best thing!) But here, I actually think I'm more excited now than I was when I walked in the door in August.

In August, I was so woefully uninformed. So clueless.

I can't wait to tell you all about this semester! But, for now, I should probably do a little bit of reading for 500 --- I'm mapping the blogosphere, people, and my literature review is lacking!

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