Thursday, May 15, 2008


(pictures by Tine Hoffman)

Today is, again, a very special day.

Army brother, brother Donnie, turns 24 today.

Although Donnie is currently spending some time in Alaska, we were able to chat last night at midnight my time, so the beginning of his birthday here! It was 8 p.m. his time and he was headed out to dinner with friends.

Brother is a man of few words, but when he opens his mouth, gems come out. And by gems, I mean funny, witty things (not like that princess who actually had gems come out of her mouth). Hilarity ensues when stories are told by or about him. Example: Dad asked him 30 questions on the way home from soccer practice back in high school. Donnie gave 30 one-word answers. Dad, frustrated, said, "Donnie, I asked you 30 questions and you gave me 30 one-word answers. What's the deal?!" Donnie replied, "They weren't hard questions."

Knowing that next year his birthday probably won't be spent on American soil, it was nice to talk with him last night. I hope that he had a wonderful birthday up there in the great north, where it's finally starting to warm up again.

I'm looking forward to seeing him in August!

Happy Birthday, D.

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