Monday, June 1, 2009


A wonderful teacher I had the pleasure of working with just won a Theater Educator Award, entitling the theater program at the high school a $2,500 award! This is excellent. Mrs. H is a wonderful director who really tries to use her program to give a home to whole host of students. Her plays usually break down in two ways -- the fall play (which I helped her with for two years) is often a collection of short plays or a large ensemble piece, because Mrs. H didn't like to cut people from the fall play. Here, kids of all skill levels find a home. In the spring, Mrs. H, along with music teacher Mrs. Bird, put on a fantastic musical. The musicals keep getting better and better.

Mrs. H does this with three young children of her own and with a cafeteria instead of an auditorium. This set-up obviously isn't the best -- Mrs. H makes it work even while hoping for a real stage one day.

She is a caring teacher who truly cares about her students and their lives. I'm so excited for her!

One of my students nominated her for this award, and many of them (including Mrs. H's brother, who is an art teacher at the school) created a video in support of her. I have linked it here.

So a big congrats to Mrs. H!

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Yay! Congrats!!!