Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harvard (Hahvahd)

When my mom, sister, and I were in Boston and New York, we visited Harvard. We had taken the on and off trolley with my school friend Jessica, and we were ambling around the campus of the perhaps best-known ivy league school.

Of course, we were lost.

We stood on the street corner, map in hand. Our map was in a tourist book. I had control of the map, and was working to orient myself to the map and my surroundings.

To do so, I turned the map (and the book) upside down.

A couple of seconds or so later, a lovely young woman stopped jogging, took her ipod headphones out of her ears, and she approached us with a smile.

"Can I help you find something?" she asked politely. "I go here."

She was very nice and pointed us in the direction we wanted to go.

After she jogged away, a smile on her face (those ivy league-ers can SMILE while they JOG), I remembered that I had the book upside down.

"She didn't think I could read!" I wailed. "The book was upside down! That's why she stopped!

"She thought to herself, 'Those girls must go to a STATE school!'"


A. Truscott said...

Oh no! But at least you gave her the opportunity to feel like she was doing a good deed.

Chère said...


Megan said...

Was she Elle from Legally Blonde? Isn't that her line . . . "Oh, I go here"!!