Saturday, April 24, 2010


We are moved. I am exhausted. There is stuff in boxes everywhere, but we might take it easy tonight and watch a movie.

Tomorrow, Hal is going back to the old house to pack up the last bits of odds and ends. I have to do stats homework (stupid moving right before finals).

And, I hired a cleaning service. They are coming on Tuesday to clean the old house. I figured I didn't want to do it, and because of finals I didn't have time to do it, and because of the baby I really shouldn't be mucking around in bleach for several hours a day. And Hal figured the same (or something similar) for himself. So, although it will cost us, I figure it will be worth it. I just hope we will get the deposit back from our former landlords!

Our new place is very clean and very cute. It is smaller, but I think we'll be able to swing it (especially if someone buys the China Cabinet of Doom that we have listed on Cragislist). Luke already has the beginnings of a bedroom, although it only has a dresser and a rocking chair in it.

We were really lucky and my brother Stephen came down to help us yesterday. We got a lot done (although I wasn't much help). Even so, it still took the movers several hours to get everything loaded and unloaded. Thank goodness we have been able to save some money to hire help for all of this. We wouldn't have been able to do it ourselves.

Pictures of the new places coming soon!

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debi9kids said...

Glad you are all settled in :)
Can't wait to see the photos.