Friday, January 13, 2012


I held out for a long time, but I have succumbed to Pinterest.

However, perhaps I don't use it the way I'm supposed to. I've been on it for a couple of weeks now, and I only have 40 pins.

And pretty much all of them are food.

I find Pinterest most useful for recipes. I'm not planning a wedding. I don't have my own home right now. I don't really care about high fashion.

But I LOVE food.

It has been nice to browse through the pages of yummy foods (and the internet in general) and just pin them to my board so I have the recipes in one place. I have always had to email myself the recipes and then figure out a way to print them or save them on my desktop somewhere. Pinterest seems to be a helpful way to organize my recipe life. (Because I cook SO much, y'all.)

What do YOU use Pinterest for?

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