Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/16 bison

We woke up early enough on Saturday to go out to breakfast as a family. Afterward, Hal decided he wanted to take a drive with no destination. Luke did not like this and kept asking when we were going to go home. We happened upon the sign for Big Bone State Park and decided to turn in to see if we could see the Bison!

I haven't been to Big Bone since I was in 5th grade and on a field trip. I have a picture of that trip somewhere and should post it one day.

Anyway, we saw that the bison observation was only .2 miles away. Despite it being 28 degrees F, we thought we would make the trip. Luke wasn't dressed warmly enough so I put my coat on over his coat (I had another coat with me), and we wrapped Nathan in a blanket.

It was COLD. But we saw bison! So that was fun.

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