Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My body rebels against the 5K

So I announced right around Christmas that my goal in the new year was to run a 5K.

And my body immediately went ballistic.

Since the new year, I have had: 1. a fall on the ice that cause bruised ribs. 2. a hernia (in my stomach, doesn't hurt, so just something to keep an eye on) 3. the flu 4. pleurisy (by far the worst thing on this list) 5. sinus infection.

Added to my normal hurting knees and heals and tight sides of calves, I am a MESS.

Do I abandon the 5k? Do I just walk a 5k? My body was furious that I even came up with the idea.


kim said...

Can you plan to walk one later in the year?

Pleurisy is painful as hell. The Mister had it a long time ago but I still remember him crippled over in pain.

Stacie said...

I definitely can plan to do that, Kim. That is probably the best solution. What a crazy run of events!

And, yes, pleurisy is TERRIBLE. I was writhing and when the doctor told me that they couldn't see me until the next day I burst into tears.