Saturday, August 4, 2007


When I applied to graduate school, I didn't think I would be starting until the fall of 2008. Oddly enough, my application passed the admissions coordinator and the admissions committee without anyone noticing my requested start date.

So when they accepted me in May of 2007 with a start date of August '07, we didn't have a whole lot of time.

Hal (my husband) and I have relocated to Bloomington -- a small town in the midst of Indiana. About 2.5 hours from home, we have nestled into a little townhouse, a far cry from our bigger home we have yet to sell in Nky. He's switched jobs. I've lived without cable for the last two weeks. (my transition has been harder)

I formulated this blog so I can chronicle my shot at grad school. If people want to read along, that's all the better. Feel free to comment, I appreciate that.

Hal was the first one to name this blog. He called it buried the lead because he was looking for a snappy journalism term -- apropos for my upcoming graduate program. It means not putting the most important part of the story first, or maybe taking too long to get to what the story is about. I like it --- I tend to prefer writing detailed feature stories than snappy news stories. Hopefully, I'll be able to twist a column or two out of my adventures.

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sunrise_sets said...

I like the title! Do you have your cable back yet??