Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Movers, or how I pass my long days

The moving in has begun.

School starts on August 27, and therefore many students are moving into the city. We have had several people move into the empty apartments around us. It will be interesting, because before now, all of our neighbors seemed to be families. I know on either side of our townhouse we have families with adorable children.

Now, the college kids are coming. I actually met one today after he mistakingly tried to enter my house instead of his own. He was coming in the back and walked through our gate before he saw Layla (thankfully inside) and left. Of course, he left the gate open, so I had to go out and close it. He was slightly abashed and apologized. I told him it was no big deal, of course. However, Layla actually growled. She is very ferocious (she weighs 35 lbs., for goodness sakes).

I'm happy we're getting closer to school. It has been a long and somewhat lonely three weeks. Hal works during the day and since I know no one, I have been hanging out and watching many episodes of "Dawson's Creek" on DVD. I do indeed realize how sad that is. However, I have a complete collection of Dawson's DVDs and I intend to use them. Now is as good of a time as any, especially since we don't have cable.

You read that correctly. Stacie doesn't have Cable.

I haven't not had cable since I was approximately 5 years old. In fact, I am somewhat of a TV junkie (as evidenced by the Dawson's DVDs), enjoying the idiot box quite a lot. My lack of cable has become a point of honor to me -- Hal and I are really trying to save money because we have not yet sold our house, so we're making two house payments at this point. My lack of cable is my contribution to the cause. For as long as it takes. Although my sister was talking to me about a cool commercial the other day. I realized I really haven't seen a commercial in about a month. Crazy!

We will continue to hope we sell our house before "Jericho" comes back on. Because we'll have to get at least basic for that.

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sunrise_sets said...

:) Hope you get your cable back soon, and good luck with the start of school!