Friday, November 16, 2007

He's a maverick

Today on the bus a guy got on with his headphones. (We have a lot of headphone users on the bus, probably to drown out BIGBLOODYTUMOR talk.)

Anyway, so this guy is BLASTING his music. And I'm sitting there, and I'm listening because, well, I'm a total eavesdropper. A smile spreads over my face.

He's listening to the theme song from Top Gun. Not "Highway to the Danger Zone" -- I totally understand listening to that -- but the actual, instrumental music from Top Gun. Which is, undoubtably, awesome.

On a side note, if I'm remembering correctly, Top Gun is the first movie we watched when we installed surround sound for the first time in our old house. The beginning of the movie, where "Highway to the Danger Zone" does play, literally shook the walls of our house. It's awesome to be able to feel your movies as well as hear them!

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