Saturday, April 4, 2009

HUGE Saturday night

Today, my college friend Emily is coming to visit me!

Hal is in Lexington for Palm Sunday because he likes to sing with the choir for this holiday. I was telling Embo about it and suggested that she come and hang out with me. And she said YES! :)

Embo and I are a grade apart but only about a month apart in birthdays. When I was a junior in college and she was a sophomore, most of our other friends were 21 (or had IDs that said they were) and we were only 20. So most weekends, we would find ourselves watching movies and eating ice cream while everyone else was out and about in establishments that were 21 and up.

And there weren't many chick flicks in our movie watching. We watched Requiem for a Dream, Strictly Ballroom (as part of our Baz Luhrman night, ha!), State and Main, Lolita, etc. etc. etc. We watched all sorts of things that most young women don't normally watch. We would pick up Cold Stone and head back to my house and watch away. Oftentimes she would spend the night.

If you need to find us tonight, we will be in sugar comas, watching some movies. Just like college.


Laura said...

THAT is a terrific cream and chick flicks.

Jason, as himself said...

Requiem for a Dream was soooooo depressing! I haven't seen any of the other ones you mentioned.

But I'm glad you had fun.

Stacie said...

Jason, this time we watched two documentaries ("This Film is Not Yet Rated" and "Follow Your Voice") and the new "Hairspray."

You're right, Requiem is unbelievably depressing!!! :)

Laura, ice cream makes everything better!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

State and Main is one of the great, underrated movies.