Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where I'm at this week ....

Of course, it's the last two weeks of the semester before finals, so this is grad student time to SHINE! (Look at how positive I am. SHINE, I tell you. Not fail. Not cry. Not throw rotten tomatoes at professors—SHINE. Now, SHINE, darn it!)

So tomorrow I have a project due and the presentation for the project. I chose to go tomorrow because, obviously, Dec. 2 is Britney Spears' birthday, and I cannot think of a better omen than that! I announced that to my class, of course, when we were discussing the dates on which to present, and they all think I'm crazy. In my defense, one of my dear friends' birthdays is Dec. 2, and so we always teased her in high school about having the same bday as popular-because-she-makes-suggestive-grunting-noises-in-songs Spears. I am half tempted to have Britney narrate my presentation. I also considered making cookies to bring in as a celebration. Alas, my presentation is on a class I have created called First Amendment and the Internet: An Introduction. Although Brit-Brit might have nary a thing to do with this topic, well, I'll make something up.

Sometime between now and next week, I have to watch NINE episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This seemed like a great idea when I was coming up with my topic for my qualitative class. However, it means I have to WATCH NINE HOURS OF SECRET LIFE. How can life get any better?! I daresay, it cannot. I will CONQUER those episodes. I swear.

I also have various and sundry things to tie up for my health class, including the dread group project. I loathe group projects. My group is pretty good for this project, but I still would rather do the whole darn thing on my own. That's a presentation due next Tuesday. Awesome.

And this weekend, JENNIE (my sister) comes to visit! It will be mayhem. It will be magic. It will be lots and lots of volleyball (her team is playing a tournament here). And pizza. Oh yes, there will be pizza.

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Amanda said...

good luck with your presentations! I'm sure you'll do great! I completely agree about group projects. Ugh. Doesn't play well with others, party of 1. ;)

I laughed so hard at your comment about using law school exams. They sure are entertaining to read, if you're not under timed conditions and wanting to jab your pen in your eye because WHY can't you REMEMBER the darned restatements on products liabilty?! WHY!? :) Not that that happened to me last year or anything, ha!