Sunday, December 19, 2010

We met Santa!!!

We went to the mall today and we finally got to meet Santa! We tried to meet Santa Thanksgiving weekend with my mom, but we got all the way to the front of the line, and Monster had a meltdown. So we left vowing one day to return to see Santa.

Today was the day. We got to the mall thinking that Santa ate lunch from 1-2, but he eats lunch on Sunday from 2-3. So we arrived right around 2:15. We were able to walk around Target for a little bit and picked up a gift and then we were back at the FRONT of the Santa line at 2:30. We decided just to wait and we were the first people to see the big guy when he got back from lunch.

I will say that Luke was FANTASTIC this time. He started to stick his lip out near the end, but he was awesome and never actually did cry. His sparkly Santa hat got lots of attention and many people stopped to gush at him. One lady asked if he was 6 months and when I told her he was 4 months she laughed and said her boys were always bigger, too. Another lady in line had a baby 2 weeks younger than Luke and she looked like a newborn next to him! He's a monster child.


We also took a couple of pictures at home...


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E. said...

Ooh, he is very, very cute!