Friday, January 21, 2011

5 months!

I am way behind, but Luke turned 5 months on the 12th!



At 5 Months, Luke:
~ Still has dark blue gray eyes.
~ Rolls all over the room
~ Sometimes sleeps on his tummy (and sometimes he wakes us up because he wakes up on his tummy and is mad about it)
~ Makes all sorts of noises
~ Does raspberries
~ Chuckles when he sees us
~ Had some waking issues for a little while, but is now back to getting up between 6:30 and 8 (and then eating and sleeping for a little while longer).
~ Is enjoying oatmeal. Had had bananas, an avocado, and sweet potatoes. He usually gets some "real food" at about 9 and we start the bedtime routine at 10.
~ Loves cups
~ Will kick his legs up and down in the crib when we go to get him up
~ Loves "Baby Faces" the book (he will smile at all the babies) -- he also likes to be read to.
~ Likes "The Kitty Cat Dance" on YouTube
~ May be sprouting a tooth (he seems to have some rough spots in his mouth)


Amy said...

I am so glad that he loves Baby Faces and other books!

Anne said...

Hi, it was interesting to read about your son's activities:) I work with children in the UK where there is a lot of discussion about when to start wheaning a child and I can see that at 5 months your boy is already eating some foods, when did you start wheaning him? And what is the current advice where you live about weaning? And about babies sleeping on their tummies? as this is frowned upon here before 6 months!
- Anne