Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh no, we knew this would happen one day

Hal and I have a little tradition.

Every time we go to Target, we walk around and make our way to the back of the store where we stare forlornly at the spot which is supposed to hold the Wii game consoles. They never have any Wiis, of course.

So last night, we walked into Target (sale on Fiber One bars, score!) and Hal says to me, "You know, what happens when we one day come in here and they actually have a Wii."

As we go to Target at night, so after a long day of everyone else gobbling up the Wiis that may have come in, I replied, "Well, then we have to get it!"

We walk back to the electronics. (You totally know where this is going.)

And there one sits.

At first we didn't believe it. We thought it was a big game. Or something. Finally, Hal bends down and looks at it.

"That's a Wii, Stace," he says.

So we have to get it.

And now we have a Wii.

Just what we need. :)

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sunrise_sets said...

That's awesome! :) I don't actually have one, but I've played one at a friend's house. MarioKart is really, really fun. Enjoy!