Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whoa -- an update!

I have grand designs.

On June 3rd, for example, I was going to wax poetic about my anniversary. Hal and I have been married for 2 years. We've made a 120 mile move and sold a house in a terrible market, been through a year of graduate school and 2 tax seasons and survived the priest abuse coding of 2008. We celebrated by going out to a very nice dinner at a local restaurant called Truffles here in Bloomington. I had Salmon and a martini. He had lamb and a imported beer from Bavaria. We shared brie and then went home to a VERY CHOCOLATE cake we bought from a local baker (2 layers -- one chocolate with chocolate chips, the other chocolate amarretto and raspberry in the middle, with chocolate icing, holy cow, what a rich treat!). It was very nice and sure beat our first anniversary, which was spent driving to Wisconsin for a funeral (I want to be clear here that we wouldn't have missed the funeral for the world and we have no bitterness at going on our anniversary, but, you know, it's not fun!)

While I was in Florida, I was going to give updates of kayaking, dog racing, food with Dad, and our Prius rental. Of course, we were having so much fun actually experiencing those things!

Also while I was in Florida, I was going to write about how I received the news that my paper was indeed accepted for presentation at the national conference in Chicago! This is very exciting news and I have now the whole summer to work myself up to an anxious mess. I will presenting on a panel with other, like-minded papers, all about framing, religion, and media. It should be highly entertaining.

Of course, none of this has gotten done. I have been slightly neglectful. I am fortified by the mothers on my blogroll who have a mess of children and are able to update EVERY DAY! How will I ever be able to balance life and kids?! I can't balance life and a dog! It truly is inspiring.

Tomorrow I will write more. I swear.

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BoufMom9 said...

You will do it, just beacuse you NEED to.
The thing is, when you are a mommy (esp. to lots of kids) you just need your place to vent and blogging is a good outlet.
Believe me, once the kids start coming, you get amazed at how creative you can be with time. LOL

Happy Anniversary!
I could barely read anything once i got to the cake description. As I tried to read further, I just kept hearing "chocolate cake" in my head. LOL