Sunday, June 22, 2008

A weekend of tasty treats

This is the first weekend we have been in Bloomington since April.

I know how sad that is. We have been incredibly busy running back and forth between here and Cincinnati. I will not have a weekend in Bloomington again until, well, I'll get back from camp on July 19, so I'll be here for that Saturday and Sunday.

But this was a great weekend to be in town! Bloomington has the fabulous Farmer's Market every Saturday, and this Saturday the town also held the Taste of Bloomington.

At the Farmer's Market, Hal and I became the proud owners of 2 types of locally produced honey, and (drum roll) ELK PATTIES. Apparently a local farm raises Elk and they always offer some of their meat at the Market. We wound up with the patties because they were the second cheapest thing. Tomorrow night, we make Elk. I will take pictures to fully document the occasion.

After the Farmer's Market, we lazed around (read: napped) and then headed up for more food goodness. Bloomington's Taste of Bloomington is an event where local restaurants set up booths and sell certain offerings for a couple of dollars. The price of admission goes to a local charity.

While at the Taste, Hal and I met up with friends Laura and Ned. Hal and I had been munching around before we met Laura and Ned, but we pretended like we hadn't eaten anything yet so we could sample more food. :) We ended up trying a huge assortment of things, including, but not limited to, gyros, baklava, pad thai, italian ice, sugar free ice cream, and cheese pizza. What a fabulous event.

To round out Saturday night, Hal and I went to see Prince Caspian at the movie theater. What a packed day!

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