Monday, February 9, 2009

And why are our children obese?

Epic meet post is coming. But I must recount this little tidbit from Sunday. Yesterday, Hal and I volunteered for an organization that was helping to host a "Welcome Home" for a national guard unit that just came back from Iraq. We were manning a table that was giving away free food and information. I was manning the cheese and crackers, Hal was next to me with desserts. There was a group of youngsters at the event and they, most of whom were plump, came walking over.

Plump Boy: Is this free?

Me: Yes.

Plump Boy: Are you serious?

Me: Yes. Help yourself!

Plump Boy [excitement lighting up his face]: I love to eat. I eat so much that I can't fit into my cub scout uniform anymore.

Me [what do you say to that?]: Ohhhh. [smiles hugely]

It was hilarious and sad at the same time. But mostly hilarious. ;)


Anonymous said...

That's kind of weird. Where were the parents? Free = "I can have as much as I want" is kind of unnerving.

Stacie said...

I'm not sure where this particular boy's parents were, but their scout leaders were nearby. I think they were set up at a table a little further down the hall than us (we were at a high school outside of the gym).

Yeah, it was definitely unsettling for them to be SO EXCITED at the prospect of eating a ton of free food. I wondered later if his "bragging" was a way of coping with any teasing he would have?

Laura said...

I work in a very wealty area.
Wealthy people can afford nutritious food and sports programs.
We have (maybe) 2 "fat" students per grade.
It is an interesting study isn't it?