Sunday, February 1, 2009

The birthday party

The birthday party for Arin went fantastic!

It was very heartwarming to be welcomed so warmly by my classmate and his wife. They are Korean, so most of the guests were Korean. My classmate made sure to welcome those of us who weren't Korean by name in his welcoming speech (spoken first in Korean and then in English).

There was a HUGE spread of traditional Korean food. It was excellent and I ate a ton.

Also, I won a prize! And I never win anything. They had a basket full of about 8 objects. There was a microphone, a stethoscope, money, a golf ball, a ball of yarn, and other things. Behind the basket, there was a board and pictures of each object with a corresponding envelope. We had to decide which object we thought Arin would pick up. The game is supposed to give insight to the future of the baby. We put a ticket we got in the corresponding envelope. I picked the golf ball, and that's what Arin picked! They then took all the tickets from the golf ball envelope and Arin picked a ticket out of her mom's hand. She picked mine! I won a beautiful set of lotions and bath salts. It was very exciting.

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