Sunday, February 15, 2009


My class schedule is conspiring against all manner of things. Like lazy Sundays, regular swim practices, sanity. ;)

I have somehow managed to take classes that ALL have some sort of internet requirement in addition to class time. My schedule has destroyed my Sunday and front loaded my weeks. Which would be fine if i could inspire myself to work ahead. Which I can't. So it's my fault, too, of course.

On Mondays, I have due by 9 a.m. questions on the readings for my religion class (also on Monday). Tomorrow, I also have due an annotated bibliography and a simple outline for my paper due by 9 a.m. (also online). Class is not until 2:30. My Tuesday night class requires emailed written responses to the upcoming Tuesday's readings by 6 a.m. on Monday morning. And every Tuesday, my JOU class has a book reaction paper due, which means, of course, reading the book. it also requires participation in the online discussion forums about the book, which means, of course, reading/skimming the book. I have been doing work all day.

None of this is bad. Even all together it's not bad. (And, actually, I kind of like having the email requirements because it means I HAVE TO read the stuff.) It's just sad that I lose my Sunday due to my procrastination. :) I must do better about this this week because of next weekend events.

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Byron said...

Procrastination can easily be vilified but sometimes we procrastinate so our minds have time to fully accept the task. Use that time formulate your plan and then procrastination becomes strategy time.

But wait until tomorrow to do that.

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