Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm thinking about... fear

So after reading The Dairi Burger's latest post about a book I may have read in childhood (judging from my slightly fearful reaction when I saw the cover, I believe I may have read it and repressed it, lol), I am thinking about things that scared me as a kid in terms of TV/books/movies/etc.

While this stews, and it's stewing a lot -- I have SO MANY things I could write about, I'm opening it up to you. What kinds of TV/books/movies scared you as a kid? It could be scared as in, omg, that's so creepy cool, or omg, I will never sleep again, whatever you want! I can't wait to write about this, but I need some time to put it together, and this week is not good for time!


Tracy said...

Okay - let me begin:

* The Count on Sesame Street
* Michael Jackson
* A TV movie of the Crucifixion
* Goonies

My sister was afraid to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark" alone. She begged someone to watch it with her weekly.

Sadako said...

Are You Afraid of the Dark didn't scare me that much but the episode with the vampire (the Nosferatu vampire in the movie theatre with Dr. Vink) creeped me out.

Oh and the movie the Witches--the scene with the unmasking. I could not watch that until I was a lot older. Actually I still don't like thinking about it, but I was something like 22 years old before I could watch that scene and not have to change the channel.

dtjunkie said...

Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

Laura said...

There was a cartoon with the mouse from Tom and Jerry (I don't remember which one was the mouse) and he fell asleep among some books and the books chased him.
I had nightmares.