Thursday, May 7, 2009

A semester complete, and a moving man conundrum

I turned in my last final paper today, so this semester is officially over.

I can now relax for ... about 2 and a half weeks. I am taking two summer classes this year! I have never take a summer class, save for a film class I took at Xavier before my senior year of high school (I am SUCH a nerd).

Also going on is that tomorrow we have someone from a moving company coming out to give us an estimate. Hal and I are moving to a rental house in June, and we want someone to move our furniture for us, especially the CHINA CABINET OF DOOM. We bought said Doom from a little old lady. It's a beautiful piece, but it's huge. And heavy. And doesn't fit into our current dining room, so it shares the living room with us. Anyway, I'm considering putting a big sheet over the Doom so the moving man doesn't see it and gives us a lower estimate. ("Under the big sheet? Oh, now, that's an art project. We don't need that moved. What is it? Oh, um, well, it's a sculptural interpretation of DOOM.")

Regardless, I'm embarrassed for the moving man to come because our house is a disaster -- too much work for both of us lately, our cleaning is behind. It looks as though a research paper factory exploded in my living room -- the dregs of two final papers and a take home final. I will be picking research out of my carpet for weeks! I will do what I do best -- stack. I am a master of stacking. I can stack things with the best of them. I will stack all of these papers and put them in the office, where there are currently other stacks, stacks from previous semesters, stacks of books, stacks of church music (Hal's), stacks of pictures, stacks of all sorts of various and sundry things.

But! I have to take the moving man into the office! He has to see the two desks he will need to move. Crud.

Well, I guess I'll beg forgiveness. I will tell him that we are sorting things for packing preparation (which should be true, but isn't quite true yet).

Perhaps he won't be able to see the China Cabinet of Doom because of the mess. Maybe this will work for me after all.


Thomas said...

Congrats on getting to your break.

Anonymous said...

"I'll be picking research out of my carpet for weeks...." :D Love that line! So looks like an outline tornado has taken over my apartment. I live in fear that someone will knock on the door and see the disaster I'm living with. Thank goodness for stacking. I'm also a good hider - sliding things under the couch or into a closet at the sound of a doorbell :)

Yay for being done!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move!

Children of the Nineties said...

Woo hoo! Semester complete. Good luck with the summer classes, I'm so jealous you're in Bloomington! I miss it so much. It's nice and quiet in the summer, too :)

Trixie said...

I so can't blame you for hiring someone to move you. The next time I move I will be doing the same thing. I am so over carrying furniture up and down the stairs.

Thomas said...

I always try to not have that many things so I can move with one trip in my Honda Civic.

Bits of Bremen said...

Stacking! I love stacking! It's amazing how research just spreads itself all over the place. I like the line about picking it out of the carpet.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope the moving goes well.

I had my second-to-last class on Wednesday and have done nothing but garden and clean since then. It's like the minute classes are over you look around and go "Ack! How have I been living like this?!"