Tuesday, January 15, 2008

7 random things about me

Hal at The_Common_Culinarian tagged me in a meme to list 7 random things about myself. As he is my husband, he was required to tag me. As I am extremely random, I am a good person to tag!

The rules are these:
Link to the person(s) that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
(I don't think I know 7 people that have public blogs! Bummer, I need to meet more people. If you have a blog and you have found this blog, let me know who you are!)

My things:

  1. I once had MTV calling me in regards to the "film" The Real Cancun. I have no idea how serious they were, but at one point in time they wanted a college journalist to be in the film interviewing the cast members, etc. They called around college newspapers asking for columnists a la Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. We didn't have that, but as the features editor, I was the closest thing. Plus, I told them that I tended to cover the adult industry (my "porn beat" as my friends called it, consisted of interviews of an adult film actress, a former Playboy bunny who now talks about life with HIV, which she contracted before she was a bunny, the authors of "Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide: Sex and Dating" and several other rather tame projects, so don't think I am a total freak or anything), and they were pumped. They called me back twice!
  2. I taught high school English for two years after I became a law school drop out. I loved, loved, loved my job and still talk to several of my most fav. kids. :) I also had to read several stories and novels that I myself did not read when I was a freshman in high school. (Great Expectations, anyone?)
  3. I won an award for best general interest column in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association for a column I wrote about my dog dying. You can read it Here.
  4. In grad school, I am working on a project involving a framing analysis of a particular scandal. I'm interested in the ways the different parties involved in the scandal framed the problems and solutions of the scandal in various media outlets.
  5. I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid, but was stopped because 1. I couldn't stand the sight of blood (as discovered when my brother cracked his head open during a game of "King of the Mountain") and 2. I didn't want to operate on dead dogs or put dogs to sleep. Looking back, another reason would be 3. I don't much like science or math, and the only C I got in college was in Biology. I would have failed Calc, but I dropped it before I could!
  6. I think the most beautiful place I've ever been was the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland (http://www.stewellington.com/Ireland/mohr.html), and I think the most sobering place (and perhaps the most powerful) I've been was Dachau Concentration Camp outside of Munich, Germany (http://www.kz-gedenkstaette-dachau.de/englisch/content/).
  7. I have pretty much the coolest family ever. Seriously.


Tracy said...

I only have one thing to say about the first thing on your list:
pie in the face.

sunrise_sets said...

(Great Expectations, anyone?)

AHHHHH!!! ;)

The cliffs are so pretty. I hope I get to see them someday!