Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snapshots from Christmas 2: Rocking around the Christmas Tree

This year, my parents were able to find a Wii for my sister and brother.

In fact, they found two.

My mom was able to find a Wii in Ft. Myers, Florida, where my parents spend a considerable amount of time because my father works there every other week. Mom bought the Wii back in September because, if any of you have looked for a Wii, they don't tend to stick in stores for long.

Mom brought the Wii back to the condo, where my dad immediately opened it. They started playing and enjoyed it so much they decided that they didn't want to bring it home. So Mom started looking for another Wii.

She found one in Bloomington. After calling many GameStops, she discovered that one not even 5 minutes away from my apartment had just received a shipment. She called me (and woke me up from my nap!) and made me go get it for her.

Needless to say, the Wii was a huge success at Christmas. Hal and I were able to snag a Guitar Hero III for my parents' gift, not knowing that my mom had already purchased it for my sister. So we had two guitars on Christmas and were able to battle each other in a true contest of rock.

One picture says it all:

(Dad drops to his knees to rock out while battling Mom on Guitar Hero III.)

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Tracy said...

This picture cracks me, and I don't even know your parents!!!