Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm going to Iraq, y'all!

OK -- So maybe I'm not going to Iraq.

However, army brother is headed over to the sandbox for his first tour. My brother Donnie is currently stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska, but is apparently prepping for a September deployment. Here is a link to the story about the deployment:

Donnie and I were discussing a journalist who was embedded with his unit the last time his unit was in Iraq (Donnie wasn't yet with the unit). I mentioned casually that I should come with his unit and blog from the front.

Donnie said I should!

Now, I would be nothing but a hinderance in the desert. I am slow, I hate hot, I don't like sand, and I would probably be scared all the time. I also don't like public restrooms.

I told him that I would rather not be a hinderance to the operation. He suggested I stay in the vehicle! And perhaps help detain insurgents! I know CPR and first aid, so I'm totally qualified.

I've even got a name for the blog (are you ready for this?!): Brother in Arms.


Anonymous said...

It's not really that easy to go to Iraq, is it? Don't you need at least some kind of military training or anything...?

posted by: KoTa

Stacie said...

I'm totally joking. Brother and I were just kidding around last night. It would be INCREDIBLY unlikely for me to get journalistic clearance to go. As for being in the military, I'd probably get thrown out due to my bad knees. :)

Rachel said...

I'd get sand in my shoes and want to go home. :)