Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am not a political person.

That might be strange coming from a journalism person. But it doesn't matter. I have never really been all that caught up in politics.

However, every time I look at Hilary Clinton, I have a thought.

Dear God, what does Chelsea think about all this?

Poor Chelsea. Can you imagine going through all of that AGAIN? BOTH of your parents being the president? Are we going to talk about how "awkward" she is again? How she doesn't look like the "ideal" or "cute" First Kid?

And it wasn't like the first time was EASY. There was too much talk a parent's sex life for any kid.

Chelsea looks calm and composed when I see pictures of her. She's even capable of smiling.

But I can't help thinking that somewhere in her head, behind that smiling face, she's thinking "please, no. Not again. Please don't do this to me again."

I can understand if Chelsea goes into hiding. Changes her name. Becomes a scientologist (okay, maybe I CAN'T understand that one!). It can't be easy. At least she's older this time. She is, in fact, 28!

Hopefully, she will take less heat if she is put into the First Kid position again.

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tracy said...

very true! at least she isn't 12. but i wonder how the tabloids etc will cover her if hillary is elected
does she have a beau that we know of?
typed with one hand ... excuse the lack of capitilization