Sunday, March 9, 2008

Showered with snow, not presents.

Our Louisville trip did not turn out quite as planned.

Hal and I ventured to Louisville on Friday so I could help host a bridal shower for my friend Anne. Hal went along so he could spend time with Kevin, the husband of Amanda, who offered her home for the shower.

On Friday night, Hal, Kevin, Amanda, Anne, Josh (Anne's fiance) and I went out for pizza. We spent some time in the pizza place.

Enough time for the snow to really fall.

More than 6 inches of snow.

The snow continued through the night and into the next morning. So much so that we decided to postpone the shower for a time where it would be safer for people to attend. In fact, the other host, Megan, was stuck in Cincinnati with more snow -- she couldn't make it down at all, and she had the favors and Anne's gift from the three of us. Our shower theme was a wine tasting because Anne and Josh are going to Napa Valley for their honeymoon. However, we didn't think it would be good for people to drink wine and then drive in all the snow. Not to mention, Megan also had the wine! :)

So I called the guests, we picked a new date, and we will hope that there is no blizzard on April 19.

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