Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today begins the birthday extravaganza!

Hal's and my birthdays are one day apart, his is today, Sept. 8th, and mine is tomorrow. To celebrate Hal's birthday, we ate at Samira, a local restaurant, and he received two presents from me, a Wii game and a Food Processor! (It's a larger food processor than the one we currently have, so now we have two.)

It's nice that our birthdays are close together so we can have a great celebration during this time. It's even more special because we started dating shortly after our birthdays in 2003, so we will have been together for 5 years in a little over a week.

Hal is wonderful and I'm so glad he's allowed me to hang out with him for so long. Even though at 27 he is the older guy in his Italian class, he doesn't seem old to me! ;) Really, though, I'm glad our paths were able to cross, and it's neat our birthdays were so important in the beginning of our relationship. Makes things a little extra special. :)

I'm happy he's in my life and I'm happy it's his birthday!


Hal said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, babe! :) I hope we have a million more birthday to share :*

Sarah :) said...

Happy Birthday, girl :)