Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best in Show

Today while on a break between classes, Layla and I watched a rerun of part of the Westminster Dog Show. As many of you probably saw, a Beagle named Uno was able to win the coveted Best of Show award.

Now Layla is a beagle/labrador mix, so I thought she might be interested in watching part of the show. In fact, she did sit in my lap and looked attentively at the TV for a good 45 minutes as the dogs paraded around the arena. (On a side note, it was funny to hear the old lady judge say, "Move that bitch in front of the mastiff.")

However, once we finished watching, I, like any parent, worried about the impact the show might have on Layla. Would she feel inadequate knowing that she has not the pedigree to join a dog show? Will she feel sad at her unsheared, unpoofy coat of fur? What a quandry! Hopefully, Layla will feel self-worth from the inside and not from society.

But to prove how cute she truly is, I will post a picture.

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