Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Stuffed

Tomorrow, we are having our first gathering at our (tiny) townhouse.

I am very nervous.

When we moved to Bloomington, many of you know that we moved from a house to a townhouse. Our old home had 3 bedrooms and a loft -- this place has two bedrooms. Our old home had a large kitchen/breakfast nook -- this has a galley kitchen.

Suffice to say, we don't have the space we once did. But we still have the furniture. So we have strange things happening, such as a china cabinet in the living room (it doesn't fit in the dining room) and a hall closet filled to the brim with boxes of kitchen gadgets.

So tomorrow we are having some friends from my program and Hal's work over to eat lasagna and "watch" the Super Bowl. I say "watch" because some of my friends are not American and therefore had no idea when the Super Bowl was when I told them about this gathering. So I'm assuming that many might not exactly care about the outcome of the game. I myself will cheer for the Giants unless they put in Jared_Lorenzen -- who I am required to cheer against because he is a cake eater from Highlands High School, a public high school in Northern Kentucky.

Anyway, we are making a lot of family foods. My mom has a famous lasagna that we made for the first time (it's all put together, we just have to cook it), my grandmother has a tres bien chocolate eclair cake, which I made for the first time. Hal is going to be making breadsticks and some sort of cookie. We also might be trying out my cousin's famous bourbon slushes, but if not we have soft drinks, beer, and wine for the masses. And, of course, salad from a kit.

We will be crammed like sardines into my townhouse enjoying (hopefully!) food and football.

I just hope we all fit!

(Here's the interactive part -- should Hal and I move to a bigger townhouse? We can move to a 3 bedroom in our complex, or move outside of the complex to some other bigger townhouse. Many good things about this -- the only big bad thing is not knowing if I'm going to get into the PhD program, which could mean we could have no school related reason to stay after next December. What do you think?)

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