Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tales from the Bus: Bro Love

Boy 1 (sitting down): Dude, that's a sweet sweater.
Boy 2 (standing) [looks down at his sweater]: You like that?
Boy 1: Yeah! Where did you get it?
Boy 2 [ponders for a moment]: My girl got it for me. It's from Urban Outfitters.
Boy 1 [snaps his fingers]: Darn, that's too expensive.
Boy 2: Thanks, man.

This is the conversation I witnessed on the bus about two weeks ago. It really felt as though I was in the twilight zone. After all, what boys talk to each other like this, randomly, on the bus, discussing clothes? It was so weird!

(I was sitting next to boy 1, and I'm afraid I looked like I was watching a tennis match, as this conversation was so amusing to me, I was looking back and forth from one boy to another while it went on.)


dtjunkie said...

Don't be so suburban! It's 2008 ! Dudes are talking clothes, chicks are dunking...


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dtjunkie said...

Link that works