Sunday, September 16, 2007

the cap's off the bottle

If you know me ridiculously well (as in, you're my family), you may have recognized at some point in time that while I am generally laid back, I have a couple of very anal idiosyncratic behaviors.

The one my family probably most makes fun of me for occurred often at the lunch table in the midst of making turkey clubs after church on Sundays. This doesn't happen at home as often anymore as we now employ the tradition of going out to breakfast/lunch after church with the extended family.

However, during these turkey lunches, and occasionally other meals, my family would often have at the table several 2-liter soft drinks. My siblings and parents often would pass these bottles around and do something that would just Drive. Me. Crazy.

They would leave the caps OFF the bottle!

During the meals, I would often be seen grabbing caps and bottles in order to reunite the two, enduring snickers from my siblings (read: Stephen), who would sometimes leave the caps off the bottles ON PURPOSE just to annoy me.

I have no idea where this comes from. It might be a valiant effort to keep the coke from going flat and having to pour it all down the drain. I'm not sure. Although, I also do this when I have bottles of water.

I am relating this story because tonight, Hal and I were sharing some Barq's Root Beer with our chicken quesadillas at dinner. He poured and then, you guessed it, LEFT THE CAP OFF THE BOTTLE!

Hal had no idea that this is a bothersome thing to me. We don't share 2-liters all that often, mostly because they often get flat before we can finish them. He was mystified at the idea that I cared enough about something so silly to get crazy about it. He is a CPA, which give him license to be anal-retentive, but as a weird "creative-type," I am messy and "whatever" by default. Except with bottle caps.

I am glad to know that even though we have been together 4 years on Tuesday, I still can surprise him! ;)


sunrise_sets said...

The mention of chicken quesadillas is making me hungry. :)

Anyway, speaking of behaviors, I've noticed that clicking, double-clicking, and highlighting text while trying to read it on the computer actually helps me concentrate. I've always hated trying to read long paragraphs staring at a computer screen, and that actually helps! I guess I owe you thanks! :)

Stacie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA --- as I was reading your comment, I had highlighted the paragraphs! Lol!

I actually picked up that behavior from one of my editors at the Kernel (UK's paper). It turned out that it helped me when I was copy editing and reading on the comp. Hilarious.

sunrise_sets said...

:D That's too funny!