Tuesday, September 25, 2007

High fashion

Today, it rained.

This is exciting because we haven't seen rain in a long time. And today, it poured.

The weather is important because today I saw some cases of high fashion. You see, this makes sense because today it was raining.

However, I have seen these things more than once on people since I've been at school.


That's right, plastic boots. With shorts. Or skirts or pants. In patterns or plain.

Now, again, galoshes in the rain make perfect sense. You don't want your feet to get cold. If you're wearing jeans, you can tuck them into the galosh and therefore not have water up to your knee.

And some of the galoshes are cute. Lady bugs, pink plaid, pink galoshes in general. Where in the world does one get galoshes?

But why in the world would you wear galoshes when it's NOT raining?

I know I haven't had cable for a couple of months, but I don't recall anything on the America's Next Top Model marathon I watched yesterday about galoshes. I don't remember seeing galoshes on the magazines in the grocery check-out line. Perhaps I simply live under a rock, but I had no idea that galoshes were in. Jellies came back a couple of years ago, yes. My freshmen all wore those brown fuzzy clog things last year (and I have a pair. They're comfortable, but they were indeed against the dress code. I didn't enforce it -- I would have had to give detention to dozens of girls). The flip flop, shoe of choice for America's college student, is still totally in (and still on boys. Sigh, I loathe flip flops on boys. And Hal wears them, too). Tennis shoes (some call them sneakers), yes.

But galoshes?

Need I remind you that it's been 100 degrees lately?

You're encasing your foot. In plastic. In 100-degree weather. Although it might be cute on the outside, can you imagine the nasty going on on the inside? Ewww. I shudder thinking about it.

So tell me, am I totally out of the loop? Are galoshes all the rage and I just had no clue?

Or am I right?


Tracy said...

I think you can find them at Target. I've thought about getting some myself, but I also think I might be better off buying really sturdy boots for the winter so I don't lose my balance on ice and fall. Not a good idea for a pregnant lady.

sunrise_sets said...

Hmmm... galoshes... I have no idea. You gave me interesting visuals of warm feet in rubber... I think I just lost my appetite.

My freshmen all wore those brown fuzzy clog things last year

I always wanted a pair of those but never ended up buying them. (They look comfy!) And I knew that the day I wore them, somebody would choose to enforce the rule.


And it's been raining here too! Finally!

Stacie said...

Sunrise_sets -- you should totally get some of those clog things. They're very comfy.

Tracy -- don't fall down!

sunrise_sets said...

I should! I found a perfect pair around Christmas last year, but alas, they didn't have my size and never re-stocked.