Monday, September 3, 2007

Pictures, part 1 --- the buildings

On Sunday I ran around campus for a couple of minutes to snap a few pictures of where I am everyday! Enjoy!

Ernie Pyle Hall is my destination! I LIVE in Ernie Pyle Hall. Although it doesn't have the impressive steps like the Grehan Journalism Building does at UK, it does have "Journalism" etched in stone above the door. Makes it hard to get rid of us, eh?

This is the ginormous student center. It's one of the biggest student centers in the nation. Attached to the student center is a hotel (picture right next to here!). This building is all behind the J school, taking up lots of room. The Student Center has a bowling alley, arcade, food places, computer labs, the bookstore, and many other rooms and meeting rooms.

The student center has gorgeous rooms like this one, where students hang out to study by the fire place. This is a very "Harry Potter" room. (And it's Sunday, so there aren't many people here.)

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sunrise_sets said...

It is a very "Harry Potter" room! :)

I was just at my grandma's house, and we were looking at pictures of her on the IU campus. Wonder how much things have changed...

...and as of now, the thing says "1 comments" again. :)