Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hal decided that since I'm making a couple extra dollars a month now with my TA job, we can finally afford to get cable.

And it actually makes sense to get it now. We held off during the summer when not much was on TV, but we have several shows that will be coming back soon and we need to get ready to watch.

Boston Legal. House. Jericho.

So on a brilliant Saturday morning, the cable man showed up and delivered us from DVD-land. It's good to have TV again. Although I had gotten used to watching all sorts of stuff without commercials. I think I saw a commercial for the MySims game on the Wii about 399 times yesterday. I must have that game; the Sims rock. Therefore, we must get a Wii. ;)

Hal and I were surprised to see Rachel Ray had her kitchen remodeled, and were relieved to see that the jerky guy is still a judge on Iron Chef. We watched some UK football (go Cats!) and I caught my very first episode of Ugly Betty (I liked it!).

Now the challenge is to stay focused when the idiot box is back in full swing.


sunrise_sets said...

Yay! Your cable has returned!

I've always wanted a Wii. They look like so much fun! :) If you eventually get one, let me know how it is!

tim said...

We currently have MySims rented on Wii, its a blast. Mine is named Mr. Sparkle and lives in Wazoo.