Friday, September 21, 2007


Fridays are always interesting days over here in B-town. I don't have classes on Fridays, so I try to reserve the day to read my homework for the upcoming week.

This never happens.

Today, I woke up early to go to school for Pop with the Prof. In the class I AI/TA, the professor has designed a brilliant scheme to get to know some of the students in the 166-member class. He and I have held various hour-long sessions called Pop with the Prof, in which groups of four to 12 students hang out with us and eat cookies and drink soft drinks (they call it pop here, is that weird?). It's a great idea and I enjoy being able to meet some of the students instead of just looking out at the mass of them and seeing a conglomoration.

After PwtP, Hal and I went to lunch with Hal's officemate, Raj. We went for Falaffel sandwiches because I have never had one. As Raj said, It's like a meatball without meat. Which caused me to quote Rent, "With meatless balls.' 'Ewww.' 'It tastes the same.' 'If you close your eyes!' 'Is that it here?' 'Wine and beer!'" (It's frightening that I can do that.) To answer your questions, the sandwich was very yummy, and the main component was like a meatless meatball.

Now, finally at home, I should be doing some work on the take-home research methods test I have due on Tuesday, or reading what is sure to be piles of information for law and theory. I haven't done either, although I did start looking up some answers to my test. It seems that once Friday rolls around, I really decide that I'm too lazy to do what I know I should be doing, no matter how much I enjoy reading the studies and the law textbook. In fact, right now I could take a nap.

I will not. I will press on with the homework because I know that great is my reward if I do --- a Sunday of peace instead of reading!


sunrise_sets said...

You've made me hungry again. :)

And I've always said "soda" or "soft drink"...

Stacie said...

I say soft drink or coke. As in, I want a Coke, even though I might really want a sprite, and I haven't had a regular coke in years (only diet over here). Hal says soda, though.

I'm sorry I keep making you hungry. Much of my life seems to revolve around food. :) It brings me joy!

Tracy said...

I grew up saying 'pop'

sunrise_sets said...

I'm sorry I keep making you hungry. Much of my life seems to revolve around food. :) It brings me joy!

:) It's probably my fault for reading your blog at odd times - like right before lunch.

And, I've finally put a face with
"Balancing History Books Up on My Head" :) It didn't take me long to figure the name of said blogger - I just had no idea who it was. (If you know what I mean...)