Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anatomy of a Saturday Night


I put aside some grading.... Well, a LOT of grading. This is my second assignment for the class I'm TA-ing. I'm working on summaries of shield statutes. There are 165 students in the class, so it will take me at least a week to get through them.

The highlighted pages are a roster of my students. I highlight their names when I get their papers in. It's a little trick I learned back when I was teaching high school. The photo collage frame is of pictures from our honeymoon. I haven't gotten around to hang it up. Sigh.

We go out and purchase some new food and a new pillow for Layla! We are keeping this pillow on the first floor so we can start to try to redirect her there while we're eating. She currently likes to sit on the floor next to the table and look at us longingly. This could be a problem for guests.

Hal tries to make the dog crazy by dancing around to the music playing:


On the title screen for Chicago! :) We've already watched The Princess Bride tonight. It's the first time either of us had seen it -- we approve!

And what's a movie without a...



We picked up some chocolate covered pretzels at Kroger. I should do a photo shoot in Kroger. It was just remodeled, and it is GORGEOUS. These pretzels came from the bulk bins. Very high class. (We also got a bottle of wine....I didn't take pictures of that.)

We're boring, but it's a nice and relaxing way to spend a Saturday night.

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Rachel said...

I am in love with Kroger. Seriously. They just remodeled the one next to us, and it's beautiful! In fact, I'm just getting ready to go grocery shopping this morning -- I like to go on Sunday mornings before my Hal wakes up so I can spend hours wandering the aisles and smelling shampoos. :)

And your Saturday night sounds fabulous!