Sunday, November 30, 2008

I made it!

Hal and I have returned to B-town after a very packed weekend full of family and fun.

I am excited that I have indeed posted every day of November (except, I think, the first day, when I didn't know NaBloPoMo existed). Doing the daily blog thing actually wasn't all that stressful and at times was even a very nice release. So perhaps I will continue to post more often than before this challenge, although I won't promise daily posts.

I really should write a nice story for this last post of official NaBloPoMo (although I suppose mine shouldn't end until tomorrow because of missing Day 1). However, I have spent the last several hours working on a presentation I'm giving tomorrow in my Sex in the News class, so I'm going to refrain from waxing poetic here.

In all, though, I'm happy I undertook the challenge. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish it. I'm even excited about some of the things I've written. And yes, there were some real "dogs" (as my dad would say) in the posts (dogs = bad/not quality something, in this case posts. In a sentence: In terms of talent, the UK basketball team has some real dogs).

In fact, this is one of those dogs.

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