Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fortune cookies

Hal and I are at my parents' house. I'm snug as a bug and we're all watching West Side Story on TCM. Layla is wandering around licking peoples' hands as well as the kitchen floor.

Tonight we ate at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. The people there know us as someone in my family is usually at one of their two locations once a week. They are always kind to us.

One of our games we play there is a guessing game. On their fortunes from the fortune cookies, they list a Chinese word and the English translation. We pronounce the Chinese word and then we all have to guess what the English translation is.

I think there was one time where we got this right, and my sister and I both screamed with excitement and then dissolved into laughter.

But most of the time, we never get it right. Tonight was no exception, as Jennie's Chinese word for "sun" inspired such guesses as kite string and shoe lace. (My guess was kite string and I was considered the winner because it was the closest to sun -- I guess because a kite string gets the closest to the sun out of the guesses we had.)

We're ridiculous, but it's fun.

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