Monday, November 16, 2009

Procrastinators Unite

Today, shockingly, I did the work I had set out to do! I did my homework for tomorrow and the work for my meeting tomorrow by 3:30, which is unheard of. I did laundry and dishes (until I cut my finger on a knife and had to stop). This is in addition to my class and my 8:30 a.m. meeting this morning.

I helped Hal make pizza for dinner (whole wheat crust, mushrooms, shallot, bacon, garlic, sauce and cheese) and then watched UK claw its way back for a victory over a feisty Miami (OH) team. I explained why I disliked "Twilight" on a friend's facebook status.

I even posted a facebook status trumpeting my work ethic today. My mother asked, "What did you do with the Stacie I know and love?" My friend Megan O. said in response to my mom, "Haha, Paula. I was wondering where the procrastination went!"

I apparently have a problem with procrastination.

Well, I DO have a problem with procrastination. I prefer to think of it, rather, as "performing really well under deadline." I was a journalist after all. My friend and old roommate Anne told me this weekend that she couldn't figure out how I wrote papers at 3 a.m. when we were in college -- it was because I HAD to. And I worked better in the middle of the night rather than getting up early to produce (plus, one semester, I didn't have class until 2 p.m.!).

I'm procrastinating right now, actually. This NaBloPoMo is such a procrastination too. I HAVE to upload my blog. I have to also do all this work for school. But the BLOG! It MUST get done! In fact, I procrastinate this blog, because it's 10:10 and instead of having done this hours ago (and probably produced something less crappy), I had a glass of wine and watched the basketball game (wine and I have made up after our fight on Saturday morning).

It's that time of the semester, of course. The time where everything is coming to a head, and there seems to be so much that it's almost debilitating. Sigh.

If only I had gotten a head start.

Oh, wait. That's against my nature.

I'll get it all done tomorrow.

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