Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Whirr

As I've tried to go to sleep this week, it has hit me.

My brain has been whirring.

I don't really know how to describe it. When I can gesture, I spin my finger around like the "she's crazy" gesture that is so common. I make a noise that sounds like the whirr. (Come to think of it, I bet I look totally nuts.)

It's like I lay down to sleep and all of my brain synapses start to fire on an accelerated scale.

It's that time in the semester, folks.

What's the state of affairs?

My pedagogy class has two major projects due. My qualitative class has a major project. My health class has a project as well, along with written homework, which makes up a little bit for the lack of major-ness of the project. I have an experiment to get off the ground. And my research assistant job is constant work.

I love doing projects. I love doing research. I am simply too busy and too fired up about it all to sleep.

So when I try, it starts. The whirring.

My brain working overdrive.

So I stumble out of bed and do some work. It's silly to toss and turn when I could get some stuff done, right?

The whirr is slated to be relieved in the middle of December. It won't stop a moment too soon. I am a person who likes her sleep.

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