Thursday, November 19, 2009


I can't tell you all how much I love that I can watch things on the Internet.

Like last night's Glee. Or old episodes of Secret Life.

Especially UK basketball games.

I spent the first year here huddled in front of my computer listening to games on the internet radio. This was hard for me. We only get UK games if they are the national games, of course, as most IU people don't really care about UK games.

But now we can watch them online. And we have figured out how to hook up our computer to the TV so it's like we are watching them on the TV!

How did we ever live without the internet?!


Sadako said...

Or certain shows that MTV hasn't released on DVD that you pretty much have to turn to youtube for? Cough, cough, Daria.

Seriously, I can't live without my youtube!

Laura said...

The Internet has made teaching so much easier.
I love it too.