Sunday, November 1, 2009


Swine flu is attacking the university like crazy. Tonight it was reported at church that we will not have the cup this week because of the swine flu. Apparently cases on campus TRIPLED in the last week, and health services advised church that this week it might be better to forgo the "everybody drinks out of one cup" thing.

I have had one professor cancel class because HE had the flu. Poor guy, he was advised not to teach, so we had a free day on Wednesday morning (for the record, Layla and I chose to spend the time sleeping). I also have a health class where the professor brings cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer if we have to handle papers or we want to use it before class --- but she also made us put our heads on our desks to vote for something two weeks ago (don't get me started on that, suffice to say that aside from being childish, it seems like putting your head on a college classroom desk is akin to just licking a doorknob). Riding the bus is starting to feel like roulette, where you just hope no one sneezes on the back of your head or touches you by accident (although, to be honest, who doesn't live in fear that someone will touch them on the bus (on the bust?)). I saw one bus driver wearing a mask, although he wasn't driving my bus.

It's getting ugly over here, people. So far (knock on non-contaminated wood), I have felt fine. I've even eaten a lot of bacon. Hopefully this will pass without incident in the J household.

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