Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I'm watching...

I got into a discussion about the TV shows I like to watch this week with my friend Joanna. I also talked about TV with my friend Rosemary today. I thought I would let YOU all know what I'm watching, too.

Weekly shows I love to watch (currently on):

1. Flash Forward
It's fun and creepy and Joseph Fiennes is hot. However, the more I look at him, the less hot I think he, objectively, should be (due to the physical dimensions of his face). BUT! This does not let me think that he is less hot than I originally thought he was (I'm not sure that makes any sense). Anyway, I've been looking for a creepy end of the world show since Jericho went off the air. I never got into Lost for whatever reason, but like this a lot. And it's not only because Joseph Fiennes is hot. The story is interesting and I'm enjoying the suspense. I hope people don't get bored with the "not knowing" and the show explodes and gets canceled on a cliffhanger at the end of the first season, resulting in a fan uprising and a reinstatement of the show for a second season, after which it gets canceled again (I am SO still bitter about Jericho).

2. Glee
One of my colleagues says that only women and gay men like Glee. I don't know if this is true, but I am a woman and I love it. It is so. much. fun. I love the musical numbers and I like how silly and campy the whole thing is. Matthew Morrison is adorable and fun to watch sing and dance. Jane Lynch is ridiculously funny -- I loved her in Boston Legal, and I really love her here.

Shows I watch often, but not on a real schedule (alternate title: I like to watch people buy houses):

1. House Hunters
I wish Susan Whang was my friend. That is all.

2. Designers Challenge or Color Splash
I wish I had $50,000 to remodel my kitchen. Or bedroom. Or family room. In fact, I just wish I owned my own kitchen, bedroom, or family room.
Alternatively, I would love David Bromstad to make over a room for me. He seems like so much fun.

3. Property Virgins or My First Place
I wish I hadn't owned a house so I could go on Property Virgins and I could hang out with Sandra Rinomato. This show gets extra points because they filmed several in Cincinnati. More extra points because I felt like we were more informed about house buying than a lot of the people on the show.

4. Gilmore Girls

5. Any number of Food Network shows
I enjoy food. I like the challenges, including Iron Chef and Chopped. I also love Ace of Cakes and anything Alton.

Weekly shows I love to watch (not currently on):
1. Secret Life of the American Teenager
Sigh. You just can't turn away from the train wreck. It also helps that every Monday night, Megan B. and I have a "date" online to chat through the show. Perhaps she and I will try to live blog one when it comes back in January.

2. Greek
Hal and I caught onto this show this season. It's adorable. I really like it a lot. Also, since Boston Legal is now off the air and I can no longer have an inappropriate TV crush on James Spader, I have transferring the inappropriate crush to Cappie (Scott Michael Foster).

In summary, I really need a cable provider who will allow me to pay for only the channels I want. That would be: the basic networks, ABC Fam, HGTV, Food Network, and some channel that plays UK basketball. That's all I ask for.

What are you watching?


Emily Sokoloff said...

Unfortunately we don't have anything but Russian TV and I don't know enough language yet to be interested : )) So we just watch movies instead ... but I like your synopsis' and will maybe have to download some of them. Thanks!

Summeranne said...

Hey there! I LOVE Glee too! I'm also addicted to:
Grey's Anatomy, House, Mercy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bones, No Reservations, and anything on Food Network or The Travel Channel!!!!

Found you on NaBloPoMo comment for a comment!!!

Tracy said...

* Mad Men (season just ended, though, so sad)

* 30 Rock

I also think I might start watching "Accidentally on Purpose" the episodes I seen have been funny

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love Glee and Secret Life. My new shows are Trauma and The Good Wife.